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Dawkins Line Rail Trail Construction
Construction has started in Johnson County.

Ground Breaking Ceremony for Dawkins Rail Trail.photo credit John Perkins
Ground breaking ceremony was held on Sept 25, 2012 in Royalton, KY

Greenbrier River Trail
Oh! That gravel reminds me of my aching back! This is the only picture I took on that trip in April 2000. Here is the trail...

Holmes County Trail
This rail trail is a good example of how a community can come together for the common good of everyone. Eventually, this sect...

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Bike Walk Kentucky
Kentucky ranks 45th in total rail-trail mileage. Kentucky has only 36 miles of rail-trails. Only the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, New Mexico and Nevada have fewer miles.

KRTC works with local organizations to develop greenways and trails, and is as a source of information on project funding, design, and management. KRTC also seeks to increase public awareness of the benefits of rail-trails, and works with the national Rails to Trails Conservancy.

Formed in 1994 and fully staffed by volunteers, KRTC's mission is to enhance the quality of life in our communities by developing a Kentucky rail-trail program.

Big Lovely Report

Download the Big Lovely Mountain Trail Report.
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