Rail Trails

Benham Rail Trail - Harlan County, 1 mile.

Blackford Pedestrian Bridge - Crittenden and Webster Counties, less than 1 mile.

Cathy Crockett Memorial Trail - Pulaski & McCreary Counties, 2 miles.

Clear Creek Trail - Bell County, 2.35 miles.

Dawkins Line - The Big Lovely Project - Breathitt, Johnson and Magoffin Counties. The Dawkins Line. 36 miles long. Proposed.

Lexington - Big Sandy Trail - Multiple counties in eastern Kentucky. Proposed

Lexington Trails - Fayette County, 5.8 miles funded. Includes Brighton East, Town Branch Trail (1 mile), and South Elkhorn.

Louisville Riverwalk - Ohio River Levee Trail - Jefferson County, less than 1 mile of railtrail. Over 20 miles total.

Mammoth Cave - The Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike and Hike Trail. Barren and Edmonson Counties. 5 Miles.

Muhlenberg County Rail Trail
Central City to Greenville, 6 miles.

Newport–Southbank Bridge
aka Purple People Bridge, Campbell County, less than 1 mile.

Kentucky has 30 trails with rail trail sections. Muhlenberg County RT with 6 miles being the longest rail trail followed by the Mammoth Cave Trail at 5 miles.  5/06.

Nationally there are 1,225 rail-trails for a total of 12,650 miles with 1,106 rail trails in the project phase for an additional 15,920 rail trail miles. KY ranks 47th in the US; Delaware, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii and the District of Columbia have less.

In Kentucky 200+  miles are proposed for development or are in progress. Trails with a useable section are listed by their names in the topic “Current Rail Trails” in the Rail Trail Projects section of the Community Blog.

"As of 2001, the state had approximately 2,780 miles of track, down from over 4,000 miles at its peak in the 1930's. This means that there are close to 1,200 miles of abandoned railroad beds in Kentucky."
-Kentucky Abandoned Railroad Corridor Inventory

Rail-Trails & Greenways
Proposed or Under Contruction

Rail-Trails & Multi-use Greenways longer than 5 miles

Rail-Trail Project News

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